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An Overview of Complete Plans®

Complete Plans® is the all-encompassing effectiveness skills development program designed by Performance Consultants of America to assist individuals and organizations with the most important challenge faced by us all, continuously increasing effectiveness in our lives and in all the organizations that are part of our lives.

Complete Plans® moves clients though each of The Four Stages of The Effectiveness Process:

Purpose Clarification
Situation Assessment
Actions Organization; and,
Actions and Adjustments

After completing the first two stages in the Effectiveness Process, where we move into Action Organization, Complete Plans® uses The Twelve Aspects of Strategy and Tactic® to create both: a Business Strategy for the organization; and, a Life Strategy for the individual. This comprehensive and integrated systems approach unifies all effectiveness thoughts and actions using one tested and proven mental process, a mental process that simplifies increasing effectiveness everywhere at once, at work and at home.

For the individual this all-encompassing systems approach includes the whole of Our Life as a System® as that system is represented in the unique collection of life roles each of us plays to fulfill our unique purposes where a Life Strategy gets developed and used to fulfill each Individual's Life Purpose and to position that individual to live a great life.

For an organization this all-encompassing approach includes the whole of The Organization's Circles of Systems®, the inner circle of The Twelve Aspects of Business Strategy & Tactics® where a Business Strategy is clarified and implemented, and the outer circle of The Ten Business System Stakeholders® that specify the five opposing pairs of stakeholders relied on to fulfill the Organization's Business Purpose and to position the organization to win.

R. Buckminster Fuller, one of the world's pioneers in system thinking concluded that, at least from the perspective of the science of systems, there are three directions. These three are: outward, inward, and around the circumference of the nucleus.

So, if the consciousness we each tend to think of as who we are is reflected on as being the nucleus around which our life revolves both as an individual and an organizational member, the three directions in relation to the nucleus are: outwards away from the nucleus that has to do with our Effectiveness in the external three-dimensional world of height, width and depth; inwards towards the nucleus that has to do with our Happiness in the internal two-dimensional world of our thoughts and feelings; and, around the circumference of the nucleus that has to do with our Interaction Skillfulness between us as an individual or group member and everyone else with whom we interact, each of whom is a unique system in itself that is yet another important part of our world.

Our Interaction Skillfulness is housed in the personality type we each use, a type that's one inside a finite collection of parts of the complete system of points of view that are required for the effective operation of the social group. So, possessing a knowledge and understanding of personality types, our own and others, along with communication skills, is what enables us to optimize Interaction Skillfulness with all of the other beings that are part of our world. And, possessing a knowledge and understanding of personality types does matter, because one important limitation of being human resides in not being equipped to know and understand the whole of what's taking place in the world around us, a whole that's often characterized as being the truth, arrived at through our human senses of hearing, seeing, tasting, touching and smelling. However, human sense perception limits us to our own narrow point of view of what's occurring in the world around us. Each of us specializes in using one personality type out of the finite complete collection of nine available personality types that together form the system of personality types. And it is though our social group's combined use of personality types as a system of points of view that we develop the 360° view around the circumference of the nucleus of what is taking place in the world around us that we're able to engage in the effective operation of the social group. So, it's through our comprehensive and integrated knowledge and understanding of the system of personality types that Interaction Skillfulness becomes a systems resource for moving through the world. And, the all-encompassing approach of Complete Plans® gives realistic and appropriate attention to each of The Three Directions so we can be fully present to the moment that's before us.

Performance Consultants of America and The PCA Companies together accomplish what we do by providing all the information our clients rely on from the Information Age perspective of being a Systems Information Fiduciary Organization, rather than from the Industrial Age perspective of merely being another Sales Organization.

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