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Most financial services firms rely on Industrial Age models, focused on

The PCA Companies rely on an Information Age approach, focused on

We accomplish this by systematically moving through each of the six levels in The Effectiveness System Pyramid® shown at the bottom of this page.

One of many important distinctions between PRODUCT SALES and CLIENT OUTCOMES resides in whose interests is put first. Industrial Age business models put the industry and business interests first ‐ where our Information Age business model puts ' clients' interests first. So, instead of taking a sales approach that gives piecemeal emphasis to parts of our financial life in one of our two personal financial effectiveness roles ‐ we take a fiduciary approach that gives a systems emphasis to the whole of ' clients' lives in all their chosen life roles.

And instead of centering attention on what the financial services industry calls, The Financial Pyramid (of products to buy and the order in which to buy them), we center attention on The Effectiveness System Pyramid® (of outcomes in our lives that matter most and the environmental, social, and personal resources that are available to us all to produce those outcomes) shown below.

And, two words are pivotally important here ‐ Organization and Management. The Effectiveness System Pyramid® illustrates the whole of what must be organized and managed in living our life on our terms. So, we start with a big picture perspective on the whole of Our Life as a System® that includes all the chosen life roles that are parts of the whole ‐ before next giving focused attention to all aspects of Our Personal Financial Effectiveness System® ‐ including those aspects that require our attention in constructing a complete legal plan to protect our financial plans ‐ where the latter is done through The Estate Comptroller®Our Estate Plan for Life. Once initially established, this estate plan can be continuously updated and restated as circumstances change throughout our lifetime for less than $65 per annum. And, by engaging in these two acts of Organization and Management for our life and our financial life ‐ clients systematically move through the first two levels of The Effectiveness System Pyramid®. And we facilitate movement through these first two levels and the next four, as well, with a proven effective outcome-oriented self-management system that reduces living the life each client envisions to an ongoing one-page daily plan ‐ a one-page daily plan that respects who we are as an individual while also empowering us to easily and effortlessly live our life on our own terms.

Typically neglected and frequently ignored in living our life on our terms is the social resources that are made available to us all of Our Government Sponsored Workplace-Centered Asset Accumulation and Distribution Plans on level three of The Effectiveness System Pyramid®. At this level, each of us routinely has more than 15% of almost all the money we earn automatically contributed towards The Life We Envision for Ourselves (at retirement) through payroll taxes, only part of which we're personally required pay. And, most pay the tax, without acknowledging that this government sponsored social resource is not only the foundation of all personal financial planning - it is also a social resource that has tremendous economic value over the course of our lifetime. So, it's a resource that requires systematic Management.

And we assist clients in addressing all the level three Management issues with RetirementPlanGPS®. By focusing on Retirement Planning, generally; and Social Security, specifically ‐ our Social Security Analysis provides each client with the financial intelligence that is the foundation of effective management. Management ‐ planning, directing and controlling ‐ what's done to produce a desired outcome requires information review and intelligence gathering, because we can't manage what we can't measure. And we can't measure the unknown. By retaining a Social Security Analyst, we strategically position ourselves to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of what's going on with our assets so we can make informed decisions that maximize account values and avoid having up to 85% of our Social Security benefits sunjected to tax through lack of awareness.

Information review and intelligence gathering are also required for moving through the remaining levels of The Effectiveness System Pyramid®. So, Performance Consultants of America and The PCA Companies provide this through a four-part Introductory Seminar Series ‐ a money-back guaranteed series that includes:

Informed Self-Knowledge, Self-Understanding, and Self-Appreciation® ‐ How to Better Know, Understand and Appreciate Ourselves; and, How to Make The Best Use of Ourselves in Creating The Life We Envision

Informed Liability Elimination® ‐ How to Get Out of Debt; Stay Out of Debt; Build a Satisfying Financial Portfolio; and, Construct a Complete Legal Plan to Protect Our Financial Plans ‐ An Estate Plan That Will Last a Lifetime

Informed Asset Protection and Management® ‐ How to Identify The Hidden Defects in Our Financial Portfolio ‐ Financial, Legal, and Otherwise; Eliminate Them; and, Construct a Complete Legal Plan to Protect Our Financial Plans.

Informed Income Growth and Tax Reduction Today & Tomorrow® ‐ How to Systematically Increase Our Personal Income, Without Spending Years to Do It ‐ Where We Have More Money At Our Disposal to Live The Life of We Envision Today; and, Where We Maintain a Satisfying Retirement Income Tomorrow, Regardless of Federal Tax Law Changes

Equally important, because our corporate theme is increasing individual and organizational effectiveness and financial effectiveness using systems®, our organizational concern for each of us with: • the better organization and management of ourselves in relation to all the systems that matter most in living our lives also includes: The Two Organizations That Are A Part of All of Our Lives, as well as ‐ • The Organization We Work In ‐ where we earn the money that goes into: Our Personal Financial Effectiveness System® and Our Life as a System: and, • The Organization We Live In ‐ where we use the income and assets we have to produce the outcomes we want®.

Moreover, the firm extends the fiduciary information services and support services initially provided in our four-part Introductory Seminar Series to also include our lifelong knowledge in depth client education and support service programs provided through The PCA Curriculum for Living; and, supporting educational institutions.

Finally, because • the better organization of: and • the better management of ourselves in relation to all the systems we are using every day to live our lives doesn't occur and exist in isolation, but rather occurs and coexist as systems that reside inside other systems ‐ some equally important and some more important than the systems that occupy our conscious attention throughout each day ‐ we further advocate that clients embrace the systems perspectives being provided to each of us through all the systems in our lives, which we can do by simply honoring and respecting systems and all the stakeholders in each system all the time, since every system with ongoing impact in our lives serves us best by being supported in doing what the system is designed to do.

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